eMarker Competitor Gone

from the stupid-business-ideas dept

Wow. Last week we pointed out a great review of Sony’s pointless eMarket technology that lets you click a stupid keychain when you hear a song you like on the radio. Then, later, at your computer, you can hookup the keychain and find out what the song was. Apparently, Sony wasn’t the only one who thought of this idea. A company called Xenote also was working on the same plan, but now they’re gone. I can’t quite figure out how someone could base a whole business plan on such a pointless device. At least investors knew not to invest any more. Anyway, if anyone actually got a Xenote device, let me know. I’d actually like to see one up close. By the way, I also like the standard little quote from the drowning CEO concerning the Sony product: “It validates the market”. Right.

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