Preloaded Commercials On Digital Recorders

from the interesting-approach dept

It’s being reported everywhere this morning, but the announcement that Tivo will be preloading commercials onto their devices could be very interesting for a variety of reasons. Tivo is saying that they won’t force people to watch the commercials, and they’ll just be there if people want to see them. At first, you might think that no one would watch those commercials. However, I was just thinking about the success of AdCritic and the fact that people voluntarily go there to watch commercials all the time. In the case of AdCritic, they watch the commercials for the entertainment value. Thus, I’d think that any commercials preloaded to Tivo would need to be extremely entertaining, which might lead to a new challenge in advertising. While many ads try to be entertaining, you can tell that many know they’re not. When it’s entirely by choice, it makes the criteria a little different.

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