Open Letter To The Guy On The Cell Phone

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I found the following article quite amusing. It’s basically an open letter to a jerk on a cell phone who was standing in front of the writer in line at the grocery store. It points out some of the more obnoxious behaviors of some self-important people these days. I still have never really figured out why people make so much of an effort trying to look important, when mostly they come off looking like assholes. I’m not just trashing people with cell phones. I have a cell phone, and I use it regularly, but at least I try to be careful about it. If I get a call in a public place (with the phone always set to ring silently) I try to find a quiet area to talk, and speak quietly. I have no desire for people to overhear what I have to say.

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Comments on “Open Letter To The Guy On The Cell Phone”

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Spaz (user link) says:

Mike is right......

Mike, you….like me are a RCU, responsable cellphone user.

I am a consultant, my phone rings all the time, I *always* have it on silent [unless I am at home, where I don’t keep it on my body]. I do look odd grabbing my phone when no one else heard it go off and saying “Spaz here”.

We need the cellphone firewalls, portable ones would be cool. Biz’s need to not allow cell phones, restarunts, stores and church!! :). Everyone and their mother has one, and I think the dude needs to post his letter in front of the registers……and, like me, keep your digital cam on you….snap a pic of him and post it w/ the letter! -Spaz

Zebulun (user link) says:

Re: from a cell phone adict

basically, from reading the salon article, i got the idea that here is an older, overweight white woman writer for salon pissed at men in general, especially those in percieved power and most of her article is her judging him (and judging him based on her perception of him subconsciously judgin her).

Unlike Churches, classy restaurants, and theatres, the grocery store is home to people wearing sweatpants, showing a plumbers crack and farting in the aisles. They are warehouses that are common ground to all, not a holy place or somewhere people try to be quite (or hell, even polite).

The guy was rude for cutting in front of her, and holding up the line after the order was complete, ill give her that. But she didn’t seem to give him a reason to stop his call. What? Did she want to talk to him? Did she feel jealous that he didn’t have to listen to the mind numbing elevator vocals they pipe over the speakers and frozen food aisle specials? Get a life woman and quit moaning that others network during downtime.

I carry a phone at all times. Often with that earpiece (with built in mic clipped to my collar) hooked up. I’m polite, but I don’t stop talking unless I deem it neccessary. Guess I’m a rude a hole.


Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: from a cell phone adict

Hey, it’s not just the fact that the guy was on the cell phone, but his manner in doing it. Yes, I’ll admit that writer comes off a little bitter, but the guy was being rude and acting very self-important. That’s the part that I thought was interesting… I see a number of people on a daily basis who talk extra loud when they’re on a cell phone in a public place as if to show how important they are (“Look! I’m on an important phone call!”). They also tend to act rude if you step in their way or do anything that distracts them… while all the while they may be distracting you or other people, by not have the common decency to walk somewhere more private.

I use my cell phone all the time. I’ve gotten phone calls at the grocery store and in movie theaters and wherever else. What I do is take the phone to a quiet corner, or outside, and conduct the conversation quietly, so that I don’t disturb other people. I certainly don’t need to have other people see me being all important on the cell phone.

So, I have no problem with people who use their cell phones (even occasionally in cars if they’re not driving insanely). But, just because you’re on the cell phone it doesn’t give you an excuse to act like your extra important.

Ed Classic says:

Boo hoo

Geez, in addition to the Kleenex and the Citrucil (for her 85-year-old mother), did she buy some whiiiiine?

Been there. Done that. Solution? “Hey! ‘Scuse me, I’ve got stuff to buy, pal!”

Somebody is rude to you in line and your response is to write an article for Salon? Why not meet his rudeness with some of your own?

Oh, I see, because then you won’t be able to use it as a vehicle for stereotyping in your little essay. Hey, maybe you can get some class warfare shots in there, too (this is Salon, after all). Did you check to see if he was driving a big gas-guzzling SUV that will never leave the pavement? Or was it a shiny new sportscar?

For crying out loud, next time you’re in the store, skip the Citrucil and buy a SPINE. Your poor 85-year-old mother will understand.

And Salon — just give up.

~Penguin~ says:

Cell Phones

Here are some things i’ve picked up from various places in dealing people you consider rude on the cellphone.

1) whip out a pad of paper and a pen and take notes on their conversation (I did this one in the library at my university, if they seem to not notice you, tap them on the shoulder and ask them to repeat what they just said, most likely they will say ‘huh?’ and then say you’re taking notes)
2) when they laugh, you laugh, mimic all emotion
3) Place your ear close to the phone and pretend like you can hear the conversation (ive actually done this one and when the woman turned around and quite snotily asked ‘Do you mind?’ i said ‘nope’ and went on listening heh)
4) Try to strike up a conversation, be sure to be loud so as you are distracting.
5) If you are standing to their left, tap them on their right shoulder and then look away as if you dont know whats going on. Repeat half a dozen times.

Well i am sure you smart people can come up with your own creative solution to dealing the annoying people on cell phones, the key concept is to be distractive and force them to deal with the situation in front of them and not on the phone hehe.

Ryan says:

Re: Asshole vs Whiner

Here in Europe people have become much more use to general cellphone use. In london every third person you walk past is on their cell phone. As long as you keep your voice level down no one seems to mind if your on a cell phone.

The article to me just seems like some ridiculous women with an inferiority complex and an asshole guy who probably was the munchies guy (responsible for buying office snacks) that borrowed a company phone and was told use his card, he’ll get paid back later and felt very important, ha!

By the mere fact that the guy was wearing a pinstrip suit tells me he’s an early 90’s throw back. Need I say more!

Mobile phones are for (their) lifetime and not just for Christmas!

beeshaus (user link) says:

I wish to make additional comments about the "Ope

After reading this article, I have decided to have it printed because this is a very good article. I am one of those who are against people who misuse them. I blame, the individuals and not the cell phone. Although I own a cell phone myself, I could not see myself using it in public where it could disrupt other people, because the way I was conditioned, I grew up with a sense of courtesy, and respect to other people’s rights and space. I even have read some horror stories, of annoying cell phone users getting beat up with their own cell phones by irate bystanders suffering from “Cell Phone Rage.”

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