Your Distinct Walk May Identify You

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A new technology may soon be able to identify people by the way they walk. Right now the technology will just notice “anyone” walking by, and has potential uses in car systems to tell you someone is crossing the street in front of you. However, in the future, it may identify specific people. So, if you’re committing crimes, you might want to learn a few new walking characteristics. The article also talks about face recognition systems, and the whole “uh oh Big Brother” scenarios that both technologies could be used for.

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Comments on “Your Distinct Walk May Identify You”

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1 Comment
wonko (user link) says:

How odd...

I don’t know if I’m unique in this, but the way I walk changes all the time. I walk differently depending on a variety of factors: my mood, the time of day (I tend to be more sluggish and uncoordinated in the morning, and clumsy late at night), whether or not I have a headache, whether or not my back hurts, whether or not I pulled a leg muscle playing basketball the other day…

I’m not quite sure how a computer could account for all those random factors…

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