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DeCSS Song Taken Down From MP3.com

from the silly-decisions dept

A few weeks back we posted a story about the DeCSS song and I joked that this might now make Techdirt illegal. Apparently, MP3.com (which I’m not sure has the right to claim moral superiority when it comes to protecting copyrights) has removed that song from their servers. I think that’s just stupid. They didn’t make it clear if anyone had asked them to remove it, and I doubt anyone did (though that would be an interesting story as well). So, that would mean they just decided the song was potentially illegal and thus removed. I see a can of worms opening…

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Comments on “DeCSS Song Taken Down From MP3.com”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Knockin' on heavens door.

It’s not the point of whether or not MP3.com will survive (I actually think they probably will survive), but rather that they feel compelled to remove this song. It has nothing to do with the company. I’d be concerned if any company did this: removing a song because they think the words in the song might possibly be illegal. This, on the same day that the RIAA (MP3.com’s enemies) are telling congress that songs such as Eminem’s should be protected as free speech… Why can’t the DeCSS song be protected as free speech?

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