Jupiter Says E-Commerce Sites Too Conservative

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I’m not sure I believe this one. A study from Jupiter shows that many e-commerce sites don’t use “advanced technologies” such as flash and java. That part is understandable. What I don’t understand is why Jupiter thinks this is a “bad” thing. They say it’s shortsighted. I think most design experts would disagree. By designing without these often distracting technologies, users are more likely to find what they want quickly, and not get pissed off at being excluded from any particular site.

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Comments on “Jupiter Says E-Commerce Sites Too Conservative”

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1 Comment
Ed Renaissance says:

Advanced Technology

I agree that this study completely misses the boat. Amazon, though justly maligned for such things as one-click patents, is a commerce site that uses a lot of useful technology — browse something on Amazon and you’ll see not only a picture of the item, the price and whether it’s in stock, but you’ll also see reviews, sales ranks, what other groups purchased it, what people who purchased that item also purchased, recommendations related to that item, etc. None of this has anything to do with useless eye candy like Flash or Java toys.

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