K-Tel Tries to Get Free Press from Amazon Associates Program

from the silly-k-tel dept

K-Tel has done some very silly things when it comes to the internet. I’m sure many people don’t even remember how big a deal it was when they first announced they were getting into the e-commerce business and their stock suddenly jumped a ridiculous amount. Now, they made an announcement that they were outsourcing their fulfillment to Amazon in the hopes that such an announcement would shoot the stock up again (I’m sure). Of course, all they really did was sign up to be an Amazon associate. Hell, Techdirt is an Amazon Associate. Maybe I should release a press release about how Amazon and Techdirt have made a deal together… At least the article realized how stupid the K-Tel announcement was. A few years ago this wasn’t the case. I remember when similar announcements in 1998 were met with huge stock price increases.

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