Let the Research Continue

from the can't-predict-the-future dept

Yet another excellent column by Michael Dertouzos in response to the now famous Bill Joy plan of stopping research in areas that could potentially be dangerous. His point is that we can’t predict the end results of research, and he gives a bunch of good examples. He does say we need to watch carefully what comes out of the research, but to abandon it altogether is both shortsighted and arrogant.

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Comments on “Let the Research Continue”

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1 Comment
Zebulun (user link) says:

credit where credit is due

you mean Ted Kazinski’s plan. (Ted Kazinski, “Industrial Society and its Future” aka the unibombers manifesto, paragraphs 172 to 178).

Bill Joy just repeated the words verbatim of a madman and is called a genius.. makes one wonder the difference (i can tell you – has to do with the FBI/CIA/ATF and how the media puts a spin to the author).

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