What the Internet Cannot Do

from the it's-not-the-answer-for-everything dept

A good article in the Economist about things the internet cannot do, despite some claims. For example, it is unlikely that the internet will cause worldwide peace, reduce energy consumption, or get rid of inequality. However, many people have made predictions saying that it will. The article also points out that many people made similar claims about new technologies in the past and yet the telegraph, the airplane, and the radio never seemed to actually rid the world of war.

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Comments on “What the Internet Cannot Do”

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Ed Classic says:

World Peace

Actually, the internet has brought us the most vicious international insult-fests ever. World War III will probably be started when some 13 year old claiming to be an American ambassador on IRC will tell Fidel Castro his “festering Communist cigar-chomping butt” has been 0wned.

Hostilities will escalate when various nations resond with, “ME TOO!”.

(No, I don’t think anyone was enlightened by this post.)

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