Canon Printers / Built in Obsolescence

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Colin Wilson writes “I found this little story here, on an Amiga news website and thought it might interest a wider audience – Canon printers with built in obsolescence (!) – the original story is in German, but was handily translated by the first link above (scroll down to stories from the 16th) 🙂 I wonder how many people just thought it was a duff printer, threw it away and bought another one as a consequence of this ? The link on the Amiga news page points to this site (in German), but carries a brief resume of the story as pasted below :

According to WISO Canon-hotline confirmed the printer has been provided with a counter for the drops of ink given off which stops the device as a precaution after 15000 pieces of paper printed out (depending on the kind of printing) – independent of the fact if the catching tank actually was full or not. The broadcast did find out BubbleJet 600 can be persuaded starting its work again by holding the keys “Power”, “Form Feed” and “Print Mode” while putting in the main plug and switching on the printer.”

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