Building a Chinese Goliath

from the as-I-gaze-into-a-crystal-ball-I-see-good-things-for-you dept

One company in particular drew my attention, Pacific Century Cyberworks. You?ve probably heard of them and yeah they?re big but I actually think they’ll keep growing. Their valuation has been declining recently but the chairman Richard Lei has continued focusing on growth, using it’s newly aquired phone company to drive futher growth seems like the right idea to continue this trend (this is not a stock recommendation and don’t be a lemming, if you want to invest do your own research!).

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Comments on “Building a Chinese Goliath”

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Mike (profile) says:

too postive :)

Okay, since I’m trashing everyone else who’s been posting lately… Actually, I did just want to point out that nothing on Techdirt should be viewed as investment advice and you’re crazy if you trust us and all that sorta stuff.

But, more seriously, and I don’t mean to do this just to comment on Ryan’s post, but why do you think they’ll be successful other than they have a cool CEO? I’m curious, since you keep recommending companies that you think are going to do well, but you don’t tell us why.

Ryan (user link) says:

Re: too postive :)

I agree none of the comments that I make should be viewed as investment advice and I only express it as an opinion.

About Pacific Century Cyberworks, I’m not pulling this out of a hat. It’s more of a qualitative feel that I get for the company. I’ve seen how aggressive the chairman has been in expanding and it seems that he’s not intending on stopping anytime soon. Using the telcom company in hong kong as a growth engine sucks for residential clients however it gives his other companies more money to put into investments and R&D. At a time when most people seem to be not so hot about the internet PCCW seems to keep revving up.

I’m a true believer in this whole internet economy thing but I don’t think the payoffs will come rapidly. Increases in efficiency seem to take a while to trickle through and so I think the advantages of the internet economy will follow this trend. I’m not talking about IPO’s and etc. what I mean is that real value companies will emerge gradually as these new markets begin to mature (probably within a few short years). We’re already seeing this happen in some of the earlier net companies it’s just a matter of time.

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