Working from the Road

from the crazy-people dept

Traffic in many metropolitan areas is getting worse, but people might not be as upset about it as they used to be. With all the distractions a new car provides a driver, many are much happier about sitting in traffic. Yes, it sounds silly. I think it’s scary. There are all sorts of stories in the article about people who work while in traffic. They set up laptops and cell phones and claim they can concentrate more on work while in traffic than at the office. They claim this is true because there’s nothing else to do while driving. That’s funny, because I thought the act of driving is what the person was supposed to be concentrating on. Maybe I’m just bitter because I just narrowly missed getting absolutely destroyed by a little sports car driving at least 65 on a 30 mph road that didn’t even slow down for a stop sign. Maybe the driver was just working away…

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