Controlling the Weather

from the muahahahahah dept

It sounds like something out of a bad science fiction movie. Is it possible to control the weather from satellites using powerful microwaves? That’s what one well respected scientist is suggesting. The article discusses past attempts to control the weather, then takes a look at this potential solution. It also points out that we’re still a ways away from actually testing this out. I still hear the evil laugh of some mad scientist while reading the article, though.

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Comments on “Controlling the Weather”

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Dwight Mannsburden says:

Re: Warming?

Tesla discovered it, the russians perfected it. Scaller waves create droughts or floods and possible hurricanes and even earthquakes. Aimed at the right targets, they can be used as a weapon and appear to be an act of God, ala Katrina and Rita. Too suspicious to be discounted. A little paranoia is good for the soul.

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