Electric Power – The Next Big Thing?

from the who-woulda-thunk-it? dept

Okay, you might not normally think of electric power as the next “big thing”, but the Economist thinks it might be. They discuss all the reasons why the electric power revolution may rival the telecommunications revolution of the 1980s. They also discuss the concept of micropower, as electric power may get more local and distributed, rather than centralized. So, when do we get peer-to-peer electricity? Isn’t that where all of this is heading? I want a Napster for electricity.

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Comments on “Electric Power – The Next Big Thing?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Where is the co-generation options?

I’ve benn searching for a co-generation unit.

Strling-cycle engine generating electricty, dumping excess power back to the grid.

Any time I need hot water/heat, I get electrical as a side benifit.

I’ve found 4-5 companies who’ve THOUGHT about making units…but never have made production.

So…who makes a unit?

Pu Qimeng (user link) says:

Re: Where is the co-generation options?

scooterboy, I have some more info for you. How about you check out wether you like the power technology report at
In my opinion it’s one of the best describing the paradigm changes in the power industry. The authors’ conclusion:

“Hundreds of billions of dollars per year are going to be invested in new technologies to move, condition, store, and distribute electrons for the Internet Economy.”

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