Salon in Danger

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We all new it would be coming, the sink or swim point for seems to be approaching. Analysts are pointing out that Salon will either get bought out or it will cease to exist. It’s interesting that content businesses seem to be so unprofitable but yet so many of us are enjoy their daily fare, there must be a method to achieve profitablity in the content space (the only question is what!).

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Comments on “Salon in Danger”

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1 Comment
Philip Shropshire (user link) says:

Salon Should Move to a Magazine Model

While it was once thought that the internet would kill the print star, it seems that the most successful internet content brands have a nice big thick magazine to go along with them. Nobody is talking about whether Red Herring or Wired or the Industry Standard or Business 2.0 or Upside are going to go under.

If they still have enough money left, then I think they should build a magazine brand. If that isn’t an option, then maybe an angel investor. I really liked the fact that Salon ran the Hyde story because it represented a vigorous street fighting national left news mag that would get down there in the gutter and match the evil of the right wing corporate media, re: Fox News. So maybe a left investor, like say a George Soros or that Real Networks guy, Glaser. He says he’s a leftist. Well let him put his money where his mouth is. Invest in left media. Plus he would own a media brand that would compliment his technologies perfectly…

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