MP3s with commercials

from the someone-is-finally-thinking dept

Adding a five second commercial to the beginning of MP3s is the latest twist in this crazy free music world. This makes perfect sense to me and is something I will completely put up with in exchange for free music. There are simple solutions out there, folks, if people just calm down and think about it.

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Comments on “MP3s with commercials”

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Greg Smith (user link) says:

MP3s with commercials

This is a good idea in concept but not reality.

Changing Winamp’s output settings to disk_write creates a .wav you can edit in whatever you want, from sndrec32.exe to CoolEdit. Remove the first 5 seconds, re-encode the mp3, the advertising is gone and you’ve got basically the same thing you could have ripped from the cd.

And what if I want to listen to a cd that flows together, like Radiohead’s OK Computer. Now I have to listen to a 5 second commercial between tracks? I wouldn’t stand for that, nobody would.

Record labels and execs refuse to face the fact that they can’t stop mp3s and the FREE distribution of music over the internet. Software companies have realized it with open source becomming more and more popular. Until they face the facts, poor solutions will continue to be created that will never work in the real word.


mhh5 says:

Re: Actually, I think this is a terrible idea

Embedded ads are useless. The record industry just needs to realize that they can’t make big profits from distributing CDs anymore. They’ll just have to focus on taking a share of live performances and the associated memorabilia. They really should just stop making CDs ASAP, save their production and distribution costs, and spit everything out online while trying to monopolize fan-related events and goods. Even better, only make a few copies of CDs and sell them as collector’s items. Have the artists sign the only copies or something. It’s just that simple.

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