Bye Bye Stylish PCs

from the function-over-form dept

When Apple surprised everyone with their iMac PC makers tried to jump onboard the “stylish, easy-to-use” computer bandwagon. Suddenly everyone was launching iMac competitors. Now it looks like not many are succeeding. Today comes news articles of both Dell and Compaq giving up on their stylish simple PCs. I don’t think any of the PC makers were ever really behind these products anyway. While Apple did a great job promoting the iMac none of the other computer makers could muster up the same sort of promotions that really hit home for consumers.

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Comments on “Bye Bye Stylish PCs”

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1 Comment
mhh5 says:

The real problem here...

The problem is these companies are trying to sell more expensive low-end computers, whereas Apple is trying to sell more expensive mid-range computers just like it always has. Apple can simply repackage their all-in-one and get a mid-range computer with a higher ease-of-use reputation that is now *stylish*. Repackage a “beige box” in a colorful plastic case, and you get the same low-end computer you had before that is now “trendy” and reminding you that you’re going to need to upgrade it when the trend dies…

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