Amazonian Skepticism

from the yeah,-we've-heard-it-before dept

People seem to swing from one extreme to the other. It wasn’t so long ago that could do no wrong. Now everyone wants to chime in on why they’re likely to fail. It’s getting a little silly. However, the article here does make some good points about the concept of “getting it right the first time” and how we can’t expect that from everyone. The fact is that Amazon has done a good job executing and they certainly gave the public and investors what they wanted for a long time. Yes, they do need to figure out how to be profitable, and that should have been in the plan from the very beginning, but to sit back and make fun of them as if you would have done better is just plain silly.

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Comments on “Amazonian Skepticism”

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VyNuM says:

I coultn't Agree with you more

How the heck can someone be losing money with they are selling books like crazy. This company in the red thingy?////MMM? I dont beleive it for one second. I think they are making a fortune. They still have their website up, don’t they?
If you ask me, I would never invest one single dime into a company that ‘EVERYONE’ in the jungle said they are in the red bigtime.

But I sure would invest in How can they be in the red. Warehouse rent to big? haha they own the building now. Water bill to high? hehe don’t think so. Is the owner spending all the money? MM? maybe some but now all.

If you ask me, all of these dum ass rich big wigs were stupid as hell to jump right into something they knew nothing about.

the internet works totally different than mom and pop’s store down the street. the key to internet success is don’t count on making money.

Just count it when it comes in. This way you will never be let down.

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