Regaining Control of Your Own Domain Name

from the network-solutions-at-work dept

With all the news about Network Solutions having terrible security features in place, and domain names being stolen by the thousands, here’s a story from Salon about not being to access your own domain. It seems that the author had changed jobs since registering a domain, and could no longer adjust the domain since she couldn’t prove she was who she said she was. I still can’t believe Network Solutions gets away with doing business in the manner that they do.

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Comments on “Regaining Control of Your Own Domain Name”

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1 Comment
Mike says:

iPower users beware, they will Hold your domain Ho

iPower turned off my DNS, because I filed and was approved for a chargeback for a change that was not authorize, nor was there any service given. I move from a web hosting account ($95/year) to a VPS account ($588/year) and they continued to bill me for the hosting account in addition to the VPS. This is apparently a common proactive of Thomas Gorny on both his iPower and StartLogic host businesses.

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