How the Web Changes Journalism

from the it's-all-about-the-medium dept

A very cool article talking about how the web changes journalism and how many major newspapers (especially the Washington Post) just don’t get it. The two major points are that (1) hyperlinking within a journalistic article is a very useful way to provide the reader with more information and (2) it’s much easier and more important to involve the reader on the web. Sites that fear sending readers away are doing their readers a disservice. I obviously agree with this one, since all I do is send readers away. I also agree with involving the reader in the practice of journalism. The article suggests that the journalist is working with his or her readers, and not just spewing articles out towards them. Of course, here, I’d be even happier if the readers wrote most of the words and submitted them. I do agree, though, that many major publications seem to fear the web rather than embrace it.

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