The Neighborhood Intranet

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Companies are apparently working on products that will turn your local high speed connection into part of a neighborhood intranet. This brings the “neighborhood watch” programs to a new level. The system can be used to alert neighbors if it thinks someone has broken in, or if there’s some other sort of issue that people nearby should know about. I wonder if it will make neighbors more friendly too. People don’t seem to talk to their neighbors very much any more (at least not around here).

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Comments on “The Neighborhood Intranet”

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Neighbor Online (user link) says:

Neighborhood Intranet

Many communities nowadays offer occasional meetings as the only way for residents to come in and voice their opinions about neighborhood matters. Neighborhood intranets offer a 24/7 alternative where residents can communicate at any time.

Many of these new intranets include features such as resident directories where neighbors can send private messages to other residents and choose weather or not to reveal their identity. Futhermore, many neighborhood intranets offer forums where residents can also voice their opinions on a public forum accessible only by residents.

I think people in general do not socialize as much anymore with the rise of online communication tools. This includes neighbor to neighbor interaction. People feel very comfortable these days communicating by email and public forums. The key is to use a neighborhood intranet to bring the community together but also promote events within the Intranet to encourage person to person socialization and to maintain a balance.

Neighbor Online
HOA Website for your Neighborhood

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