Distributed computing for money..

from the why-ruin-a-perfectly-good-project dept

I’ve always thought that distributed computing was really, really cool.. and now someone plans on giving away money for people’s ticks. They’ll pay your ISP bill if you let them use your computer to process stuff.. i dunno, but my ticks will continue to work on d.net or SETI.

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Comments on “Distributed computing for money..”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Distributed computing...

You probably get a lot more bang for the buck using unused CPU time of modern computers than all the cycles on your Mac Classic… Better off turning it into a fish tank or a wine fridge. 🙂 When distributed net started out I used the free cycles on my old Thinkpad with its Cyrix 100 and with my desktop (at the time a Pentium 166). I never used the Thinkpad for work and mostly just let it sit and crunch, but used the desktop all the time. The desktop still out-crunched the Thinkpad by a ridiculous amount…

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