Napster: We're Completely Legal

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Napster’s new lawyer/VC/CEO has made a statement trying to show that what they’re doing is actually legal; that transferring and sharing music online does not break any laws. Personally, I agree with him, and I think it’s pretty daring of him to take such a stance. However, the reality is that such a position is not likely to work. It’s made especially worse by internal emails within Napster admitting that they are facilitating the illegal trade of music and trying to bring down the record industry. Of course, people will overreact to that statement as well. There’s nothing illegal about trying to build a new industry that obsoletes an old one.

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Comments on “Napster: We're Completely Legal”

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1 Comment
Paul Victor Novarese (user link) says:

No Subject Given

Of course a new industry making an old one obsolete is not illegal. The record companies, however, are going to do their best to force through legislative protection for themselves. Plus, they tend to argue that one of the reasons that napster should be obliterated is “we can’t figure out how to get our share of the money from it, therefore it must be inherently illegal.”

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