Microsoft Breakup

from the okay,-whatever,-I'll-post-it dept

If you’re just reading this here first, then you use Techdirt way too much, and other sites not nearly enough. You scare me. However, for the record, I’ll post the story that, not surprisingly, the judge has ruled that Microsoft has to be broken up. Now will come the appeals and talking and yelling and all that stuff, and the fact is that none of this really matters too much right now.

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Comments on “Microsoft Breakup”

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Mr.White (user link) says:

As in Big Blue

Time for MS to take leave…..I am sorta sad to hear this….being a fan, but then again….change is inevitable(sp->it is late).

As for the new world? Will this really change anything? Can gates take care of both? Stick w/ the OS or Appz? MS Appz…are not bad, as for OSs, NT is great… They should have broken into 3 peices, OSs, Apps, and Free [IE/MediaPlayer etc]. My .02c. Btw… is my new site…. collectivethoughts is for sale… too

Marvin Billings says:

Re: Re: Is a break up the right thing?

I believe that they did the wrongs thing so that most face the music. Just like anyone one in this country. Everybody believes that they invented the technology or caused it to advance but that not true. They exploited it!!! Technology would have advanced with or without them. They knock off alot of good companys. Linux is the future. All Microsoft product will eventually run on Linux. Right on top and it won’t crash. If you have any doubt just look at the kernel. It’s no way on this earth you can get anything like it for free or if you paid. KDE, KDevelop, Gimp and CORELinux. Windows 2000 is overpriced.This is 2000 not 95 still.

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