John Perry Barlow on Napster

from the old,-but-good dept

Okay, so this was written a while back, and then posted last week, but I still think it’s worth reading for those who are interested in it. It’s an editorial that John Perry Barlow tried to write for the New York Times stating his views on Napster. Makes some very good points in a way that I haven’t seen before.

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Comments on “John Perry Barlow on Napster”

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ROcK_LoBSTeR (user link) says:

Napster ? what about good old mIRC ????????

Plain and simple. Music sharing is here to stay. What about Scour, CuteMX, SpinFrenzy, File Swap…..and in my opinion the biggest MP3 swapper of them all: mIRC !!!! The other night I I bumped into this guy who must of had about 1,100 songs in his collection. He also had tons of songs shared and stored on 6 different (free) virtual drives. As for Metallica, what happened to those Garage Days?

peng says:

Re: Napster ? what miss the point

The point of the article wasn’t to discuss or promote different venues for online distribution of any file format, but rather to openly point out that the music industry is facing some hard times. Personally I don’t blame people like Metallica and Dr. Dre, they are muscians are probally not so in touch with the .mp3 problem as their lawyers are, but people like Hillary Rosen do nothing but refuse to look at the underlying issue behind internet trading of copyright protected mp3…the music industry is changing. The old practices and business techniques had thier day, but they are fastly comming to a close. I blast people like Hillary Rosen, not because she is trying to stop the exchange of music i want to hear, but because instead of focusing her energy on adapting the music industry to internet and such, she instead chooses to fight it. Napster gave the country a good dose of the raw potential the internet holds for file trading, unfortunately, Hillary Rosen missed the lesson entirely.

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