AOL Hooks 'Em While They're Young

from the AOL-in-schools dept

AOL is announcing a new plan to offer internet access to schools free of charge. They claim that this isn’t for any business purpose, but to be helpful. There will be some ads, but only in areas that teachers and administrators can access. While they say there’s no business reason for doing it, you have to think this is a “hook ’em while they’re young” strategy. Kids who get used to AOL at school will probably try to bring it home as well.

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Comments on “AOL Hooks 'Em While They're Young”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: didn't Apple try this?

Actually… I do know folks who are Apple fans simply because that’s what they learned on in school. I can also point out applications that I use because I was forced into them in college. I didn’t say it was a foolproof strategy however. Apple lost a lot of users because of a ton of strategic mistakes they made that practically forced people to migrate over to Wintel. If they hadn’t been so pathetic, they probably would have kept a lot more of their users who had been hooked early.

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