Amazon Experiments with Dynamic Pricing

from the pissing-off-people dept has apparently been exerimenting quietly with dynamic pricing, where different customers see different prices for the same product. Many people believe this is where all e-commerce will go eventually, but it seems to be pissing some customers off. Customers understand rewarding loyal customers, but it seems to anger people when the dynamic pricing seems quite arbitrary. The business geek inside of me sees an arbitrage opportunity for those who have access to the lower prices to sell to those who can’t access them. I also wonder how this will effect some of the comparison shopping services.

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Comments on “Amazon Experiments with Dynamic Pricing”

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1 Comment
Mr.White (user link) says:

I it.

I figure that Amazon [biggest retailer? in .com world?] would do sneaky stuff. If a .com can just lower prices, I will use them. But, amazon STILL charges for shipping……arg. Outpost [my fav] gives free overnight, which in some cases…beats amazon + shipping prices… in the amount vs. time. Why does not amazon just spread the prices evenly? What about taking this to a BOHICA concept, say you shop at and they read your cookies….and then up the prices….hey, could happen 🙂

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