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Biggest Threat to Companies: Email

from the misguided-fears dept

Michael Eisner, chairman of Disney, has decided that the biggest threat to companies these days is the misuse and misunderstanding of email. He even suggests that it might lead to the downfall of our country. That might be a bit of an exaggeration…

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Comments on “Biggest Threat to Companies: Email”

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Mr.White (user link) says:

Email.......is evil

All my users have email. ALL of them. In caSe for a reason…it is a pain. 400+ people have email, all sending the same 4meg video clip to each other…bad enough. Then, think corporate esponiage…PGP is free, and just send your biz plan to a competiter…as some of our employees come from competiters…doh. I could hook you up w/ all our stuff, I won’t…but I could, just give me your pgp key….or even, plain text. They don’t scan our email, maybe just subjects, and hell….java chat. I think our ‘lowly’ employees should not have email. Only managers should have it. Everyone is treated like royality and able to send whatever. 7 meg restriction? To high. We recently had a battle with our CEO via email, everyone wrote to the entire company [10,000+ people] about why the company sux and their peon ideas on how to fix it. -Mr.W

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