Gaming Glory

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I was reading the latest reports about the E3 (computer gaming expo) and couldn’t believe the views expressed by Sony. Basically, they’re going for broadband or bust by not including a modem with Playstation 2. As we all know that significant broadband adoption may well take a few years, Sony may be depriving future gamers of multi-player internet gaming (which I believe will the killer app. for gaming consoles). Either Sony wakes up by supplying an add-on modem or there will be a new leader in the gaming market sector!

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Comments on “Gaming Glory”

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Jeffrey Boser says:

broadband or bust

Actually, I applaud Sony’s decision. Every proprietary console-type device that has ever come out so far uses some special not-quite-internet form of their own isp, so you *have* to subscribe to their service or not use it at all… Its just really frustrating.

By deciding to wait for broadband, it means I get to use MY isp, the way I want to. If I want to use a modem I can set up a computer as a proxy server. I can just plug it into my cablemodem. I can set it up on my local area network and play with the other PS2 in the house. And so on.

It is really really refreshing to see a gaming console that respects backward compatability and open, very usable standards. It is just this way of dealing with others that has earned Sony so many developers for the PSX.


Ryan (profile) says:

Re: broadband or bust

I agree with you in the respect that I think it’s annoying to have a restricted choice of ISP’s. However, the set-up you’ve just described may be a little to complex for most gamers. It took my house a few hours to hook up our network and we had, two hardcore techies and 5 other university students. The flaw isn’t in the choice that sony offers, it’s in the fact that it isn’t offering instant gratification (unlike, dreamcast). Saying that though, the PS2 does look like it kicks ass (at least graphically)

lo-rez (user link) says:

Re: Re: broadband or bust

I’d be interested to know just what kind of network took that long to set up and if the time was spent configuring the network of just stringing cable.

Anyway, the public is either going to have to a)learn how to do it (not likely) or b)hire people to do it for them. That’s the way it’s been in the past and that’s the way it will always be.

I think most playstation 2 owners will learn how to set it up.

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