Virus on the loose

from the just-another-nuisance dept

A new virus struck Asian and European computer systems today. The “I Love You” virus seems to be very similar to the “Check this out” email virus that ran rampant late last year. I can attest to the fact that this virus has now hit us state-side…

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Comments on “Virus on the loose”

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Mr.White (user link) says:

EVIL Kid.......

Kid wrote it…..nicely done btw.

We got it this morning…..8.20 [I got in at 7.40] and had to be Batman….and spring into action. They [corporate giants] turned off ALL email, so now there is nothing inbound or outbound, out of my 400 users, 2 recieved and from the two ..about 15 messages in total. The start page of IE points to a .exe that is also a trojan, sending out cached pws to the author. Bad. Destorys jpg/mp3, which ..ahem, none of my users should have here but if they do, I hope they lose them :). As for being Outlook specific? Nah, it is VBScript…windows specific..yeah, I too read articles, one guy just wants to stop using Outlook all together as a fix, but not many other mail servers can do what Exchange can do. Best way to make it work? Firewall everything [joke], actually, in our enviornment, take away email from all users except mgnt and then only 20% of our current population would be infected [worst case]. -Mr.White

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