eBay and Keen.com

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eBay and Keen.com have struck a deal providing links to Keen.com advice providers from the eBay pages. eBay and Keen feel it will provide education to potential buyers, but long-time eBayers feel it will draw eyeballs away from the eBay site. I tend to agree that it will draw eye-balls away from eBay, but the nature of Keen.com is that it educates and than the user leaves, presumably to return to where they originally were.

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Comments on “eBay and Keen.com”

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1 Comment
Mr.White (user link) says:


I am tired of EBay, sure you can find stuff..but, I really don’t care for it. I use Haggle and they are FREE…I don’t have to pay, and EBucks is way to crowded. No one will pay directly, meaning I have to go to a Escrow…which is good for security, but bad when the item costs 11$ and plus shipping, 15$, then escrow 22$. Arg. Like the EBay CEO, seems nice and not a real money hog.

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