Certifying Liberal Arts Majors for Tech Companies

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It seems some folks have developed an exam for non-technical people to determine their technical aptitude. It’s basically a “certification” exam for the high tech world, for people who don’t have a CS degree. I actually think this is a pretty good idea, as long as people don’t take the results too seriously. If this sort of thing becomes a “must have” then it could do more harm than good. But, in general, I think it could help to identify people who have strong technical knowledge, but aren’t necessarily software engineers.

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Comments on “Certifying Liberal Arts Majors for Tech Companies”

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1 Comment
Ryan (profile) says:

tech stuff for dummies

I agree with you it would be a good idea! When I was interviewed with McKinsey and Co. in the early part of this year, I got flown out to New York and the most amusing part of it was during a meeting one of the analysts was telling about how much he’d learnt at Mckinsey, they taught him how to use excel (duh!!!!). Maybe if they had used this test they might have found someone that at least had a basic familiarity with computers!

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