Star Wars to go DVD

from the This-should-have-happened-from-day-one dept

George Lucas has given into pressure and decided to release a DVD version of Star Wars: Episode I, after all. I don’t understand what the problem was to begin with, but I’m glad he’ll make the Star Wars geeks out there happy.

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Comments on “Star Wars to go DVD”

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Mr.White (user link) says:


I am sorry, but ..the movie was not THAT great. I do want to see Jaws, Indy movies, and Batman. Fox is holding out [ID4?] and that is a major bummer. People want free [DeCSS] and this helps some but hurts me. I do not steal, DeCSS makes it possiable to steal. Big companies don’t like that, and the arguement that they are big and can afford it is bull. I saw the SW:E1, not great. Digital effects were nice, saber battles pretty good. StarTrek out performs this movie in concept and GFx alone, my opinion. Does anyone remember Jar-Jar? Hello, braindead CG 4 year old. The DVD will have a special title/chapter dedicated to him and creation/implimentation of him. Bha. I want to see FightClub, 2 DVD set. .I hate comedies, I watch ‘films’, not movies. Gladiator….is coming, I am there oohh yeah. DVDs in general are great, I would go for the quality of the sound, but that does not make up for the lack of coolness in the star wars flicks, maybe one of the originals, but the first one? nah, sorry, even if it did come out tommorrow, and I had 30$ [gotta make Lucas rich], I would not buy it, not even 1/2 that price 🙂 Flames welcome,

Shock32638 says:

Re: umm......hello?

DeCSS has nothing to do with piracy, but i’m glad to see that the MPAA has managed to foist that lie upon the general public. You can make a bit for bit copy of a dvd without ever decoding it, and it will play in any DVD player, besides writable DVD’s are too expensive to be cost effective. The only way that DeCSS could be used for piracy is in the production of a lower grade VCD or some similar lossy format, and they could be garnered by a video capture board in your pc wired to an external dvd player.
The point is that DeCSS makes people able to watch movies out of their assigned region, and for some people (i’m thinking of military) who move every few years, and often overseas it should not be necessry that they have to buy a new DVD player every time they move to a new region, that is what DeCss is good for.

Mr.White (user link) says:

DeCSS........and regions.

When you purchase a DVD….[or install one] you can select your region….hence, US [the best yeah u.s.a.!]…select region 1, and the military [weak argument…low! %age] can just purchase them from the US [most .coms ship international]. Anywho, I would not consider myself the g.public….but, to each his 0wn3d.

Shock32638 says:

Re: DeCSS........and regions.

Ordering through a .com is one thing, but what about running down to the local rental store, aside from that there are movies that are only released into foreign markets, or are released months earlier [typically US first], but if you want some foreign films other than what’s been brought over here you’re out of luck in the region 1 encoding. It’s not just the military, there are quite a few people who spend time in other countries, and not all of them have money to burn while they’re there (college students in particular).
This scheme also allows movie houses to charge more in some markets (Europe is usually 30% more) and less in others (India is usually a lot cheaper) and basically price gouge consumers who don’t have any other options.

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