Silicon Valley Job Madness

from the too-much-insanity dept

A couple of articles here that make some interesting points. First, is one that discusses repricing stock options now that stocks have fallen. I’ve always been against this simply because I think it takes away the purpose of stock options in the first place. They are supposed to be an incentive. People are supposed to work harder to help drive the stock price up. However, if companies are just going to reprice the options, then it’s much less powerful. Now some accounting rules are making it much more tricky to reprice options. At the same time, people looking for work are getting a lot pickier about which dot com they’ll work for. Once again, this is hopefully a good thing. It means that people joining companies will also have a better idea of what that company does and how they can help it make money (hopefully). Of course, if the market rebounds, expect all this to be forgotten again.

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