Earthquakes to Knock Out the Dot Com World?

from the fear-in-Silicon-Valley dept

Every few months someone somewhere writes an article about how an earthquake will knock out all these companies in silicon valley. Admittedly, it is a potential problem, but I do believe that folks out here are more equipped to deal with it than everyone believes.

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Comments on “Earthquakes to Knock Out the Dot Com World?”

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Mr.White (user link) says:

It starts........with the ground shaking

The “end” will start with the ground shaking…weee.
I welcome it.
As for “the Bay”, nice place. I am not sure why EVERYONE wants to move there, I mean, if you consider what it takes to be a .com, Reedly, CA [pop 15,000] would be FINE. All you need is bandwidth. And with housing costs of 400$ for a 2bdroom, wow. I am in [city] and my studio is 400$ w/ a discount. When I get my .com ready…it will be in my bedroom, cheap and easy, just drop the T1 by my pillow. I mean, hiring all your coders, server guys, and CSR people….a bedroom sounds like a great place to start.

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