Senator Bob Kerry: MP3 Pirate?

from the geeks-and-politics dept

Some amusing quotes from Senator Bob Kerry who appears to understand the whole MP3 thing to the point of actually using MP3s himself. He jokes about pirating music, but then claims that all of his MP3s are completely legal. The best quotes is from a staffer who claims that Kerry had to show others in the office how to listen to music on their computers.

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Comments on “Senator Bob Kerry: MP3 Pirate?”

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Mr.White (user link) says:


How are mp3s legal? Without going into all the hub-bub about music and not paying and just a ‘piece’ of it. It is illegal to record off the airwaves [royalites I believe] then is this not the same. Sure, it is EASY ….I have mp3s, mine are legal….I have permission to use. Anyone ever send an email to
Subject:Got an mp3 of “Shout….”

Or….if you have your OWN CD [that you bought already…not burned] and record off of it….that cool, throw in ditial player…..weee.

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