Ads Swapped for Computers in NY Schools

from the selling-your-education dept

Some New York City public schools will be receiving cheap computers in exchange for putting ads on their web pages. I’m glad that schools are getting cheap computers, but some folks might be concerned about introducing an element of commerce into education.

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Comments on “Ads Swapped for Computers in NY Schools”

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Mr.White (user link) says:

Mike.....give it a break

That got you to read it huh, hey mike.

Ok, about this ‘ads in the .edu world…go for it.
We wear Nike(c), olympia(c) socks, IS(c) jeans, Ambercrombi(c) Shirts, Oakley(c) shades, and a WWF(c)base ball cap…drinking our Pepsi(c), eating PapaJohn’s(c) pizza, sitting on a Brookstone(c) chair. We don’t see enough ADs. I got a headache ….this big(tm).

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Mike.....give it a break

I know that people see plenty of ads. And, I personally think that people should be smart enough to distinguish between pure advertising and real education… However, the potential dangers come into play when you have to make decisions in order to “keep the advertisers happy”. Do you not teach a certain subject because it might upset some of your advertisers? It makes for some difficult moral judgments.

Zebulun (user link) says:

the effects on children

what does this constant bombardment of ads do to our children. Are junior girls going anorexic because they have a disorder or are subtly told 8 trillion times a day they are fat if they way more than 2 ounces more than the MTV skeletal models that are supposidly “beautiful”. Are the full page ads with makeup, clothing, and accessories with thin girls and hunky men doing anything more than saying “you must be thin. you must be thin. you must be thin. becuase you, as you, are not good enough”. And if that’s not enough to tear any self worth to shreds, they are told if they don’t find a man they are destined to misery. I’m about as unPC as guys get, but it’s shiznit like that that makes my sister eat a fraction of her dinner every night and really pisses me off.

sorry. i should save rants for


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