Technology in Schools

from the Clifford-Stoll-strikes-again dept

Clifford Stoll, who most recently wrote High Tech Heretic talks with the NY Times about why he’s not a big fan of computers in schools. Lots of people tend to call Stoll a luddite, but, while he is a bit odd, he does make some good points, and I think it’s valuable to have someone like him to make sure we don’t all believe our own hype. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s right on everything he says…

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Comments on “Technology in Schools”

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1 Comment
J says:

Who's missing the point

“Stoll is back in the old debate about whether we should have computers in school or not,” Krueger said. “That’s the wrong question. The question is, how do we use computers and technology to improve schools and learning?”

I figure there probably is a place for computers in schools, but to act as if it’s somehow pre-ordaned is insulting. Stoll makes a lot of good points, especially about what the computer labs have replaced. Krueger rebuts this with more gung-ho hype. After all, 10,000 lemmings can’t be wrong.

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