Another Browser ?

from the umm-why dept

Why don’t most of us care which browser we’re using (except for some that hate microsoft)? Well, it seems to be because the browser wars are officially finished and someone forgot to tell Netscape (as they’ve just released v6.0). I’m an avid fan of the new new thing, but this release definately isn’t keeping up with the tradition!

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Comments on “Another Browser ?”

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Andy (user link) says:

Only MS haters don't use IE?

That’s a rather odd statement. I’ve seen this sentiment in a couple places… but IIRC hit rates for Netscape are still 30%-40%… that’s a pretty sizable minority.

As for the Netscape PR… it’s more stable/functional then the first 4.0PR was. And for Linux users it means finally having a browser that can do incremental rendering. Personally I can’t wait to tank Netscape 4, but as a Linux user I haven’t had any other viable choices (all the others were worse for the sorts of things I do).

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Only MS haters don't use IE?

I tend to agree with Andy. I still get the feeling that plenty of people still use Netscape ’cause they like it, and not out of any MS hatred. I used to use strictly Netscape simply because my computer didn’t have enough disk space for two bloated browsers, and since switching to a computer with more disk space I find that I use the two of them interchangeably for most things. Netscape has a couple of features I prefer to MSIE, but Netscape also tends to crash a hell of a lot more, and to drag down other things with it. I’m certainly not tied to either one, and if I find a new browser that is significantly better and more stable, I’m switching to it…

Ryan (profile) says:

Re: Re: Only MS haters don't use IE?

I agree a lot of people do use netscape because they prefer it but I was just talking to some guys that I’ve known that throughly hate MS (most of them are techies and they refuse to use anything microsoft!). I really don’t mind using netscape or IE but the browser wars have in my opinion finished (there’s no more money in it).

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