Accompany Changes its Name

from the Who-cares dept

Accompany changed its name to Wow. That’s exciting. The only thing that comes to mind when I hear their new name is the Mafia. I’m sure this new name will help them sell many more products.

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Comments on “Accompany Changes its Name”

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1 Comment
ScooterBoy says:

No Subject Given

this has got to be due to the complex that they’ve got over their name.. Someone from Accompany called me once.. here’s how to conversation went:

Me: Hello?
Them: Hi this is (I don’t remember her name) from Accompany.
Me: Ok. Hi.
Them: That’s Accompany. “A-C-C-O-M..”
Me (interrupting): Yah.. I know.. Accompany.
Them: Not as in “A Company”, Accompany.. one word.
Me:: I get it! I get it! (Note: I knew what she was saying from the first “Accompany”)
Them: Oh. Ok, lots of people get confused when I tell them I’m from Accompany.
Me: Yah, I’ll bet…

Phew… I think Jim Rose hit it on the head when he explained that “The name Accompany needs about a two-minute explanation,”.

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