3Com Working on New Device

from the well-at-least-they're-working-on-something dept

While 3Com made some announcements last week concerning spinning off more of their business, a lot of people have been left wondering what exactly 3Com will be doing from here on. Apparently they’re working on some new internet appliance that they claim will be bigger than Palm, since they’ve learned plenty of lessons from Palm. Of course, they weren’t the ones who created the Palm in the first place, and those folks have gone on to some other company.

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Comments on “3Com Working on New Device”

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1 Comment
Mr.White (user link) says:


Well….I *do* like 3Com, and I like the internet….after 12 hours a day…think it would get boring….but nah. Anywho. I do not like the idea of ‘appliance’. My toaster can get TV, my stove can get recipies. Lets work on ‘startrek’ innovations. Think VOICE, that is where it is at. Mr.White strolls into his kitchen and says “Computer, recipie for TopRamen and cheese” ….the computer then would go step/by/step and tell me how to build the bacholer dinner. Scratch monitors, LCD, and the like….voice. If not voice…..holography. 🙂

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