People Who Just Do Not Give a Damn About the Internet

from the silly-people dept

A new study that spoke to people all over the globe has found that 40% of respondents, despite knowing about the internet, had no interest in using it saying it wasn’t really relelvent to their lives.

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Comments on “People Who Just Do Not Give a Damn About the Internet”

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1 Comment
Mr.White (user link) says:

40%? SAD!!!

40% of the people don’t care………that is HUGE.

Consider the population…..of the planet …6billion, 1billion on the internet. That is only 17%. So….8.5% of the world does not care about the net? Hmm….that IS sad. Sure….the 1Billion that IS on the Internet are people like me…a US Citizen [yeah] and few other countries…China, Japan, UK, some Africa. People who think the Internet is porn/email/spam? Yeah…it sucks. But for computer people, who can get help on any topic, read about product reviews, movie reviews & times, software [and warez 🙁 ] and games.

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