Going Pro on eBay

from the that's-one-way-to-do-it dept

An article in Fortune on how some folks are running their entire businesses on eBay. It’s probably a better bet than day trading.

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Comments on “Going Pro on eBay”

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1 Comment
Richie (user link) says:

Using auction websites works.

This article on Mr. Birbaum using ebay.com to sell all of his products, is right on the money. I know a retail store owner, who had such slow business, and he couldn’t sell enough to make a profit. Then around 1999, selling on several web auction sites actually started making him more money. He has a comics store in a large town, but retail comics sales usually run from slow to nonexistent. Comics and cards are a very slow industry, with no profit (usually).

By spending two days a week selling books, cards, and collectibles on net auctions, he started making sales that were previously impossible. FYI– he was using ebay.com, auctions.yahoo.com, auctions.zdnet.com, and auctions.amazon.com.
Check auctioninsider.com, or your favorite searchengine, for more sites.
I have noticed more personal auction sites at CNET and Lycos, UBid.com, and Up4Sale.com. Now where did I leave that collectible signed copy of “1984” by George Orwell? Hmmmm……

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