The Power of Light

from the blazing-speed...-if-you-can-get-it dept

Timothy N. Tuck writes “Lucent labs has yet again found new ways to up the limit of what can be sent over a single strand of fiber, the new limit (at least for this week) 3.28 terrabytes a second.” I saw this earlier. It’s pretty cool, but I won’t be impressed until we (the masses) can actually see at least a portion of that speed. I mean, I’m glad people are working on this stuff, but it’s still a pain for most people to get beyond the 56k barrier.

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Comments on “The Power of Light”

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Mr.White (user link) says:

At the speed of......dollars.

This has got to be pricy….but, we should move to this. Think of this, the US says, everyone this year MUST pay 50 bucks in taxes ….and they will lay down fiber for all of us to play with. That is 1.2 billion……is that too much to drop and lay? To get the internet(iii) going? This would be sweet. .or start at each university and major biz to get wired, everyone transfering at 50 gigabytes a second…full duplex/full screen video conversations [with 3 way calling of course] and ahhhhh, the power of bandwidth. I envy my kids.

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