Techie Business Magazines Get Too Big

from the hefty-magazine dept

If you still receive any techie business magazines in their paper format (personally, I’ve ditched most of my subscriptions), you’ll notice that those magazines are getting very heavy. Salon discusses this problem. I did just receive the latest Business 2.0 and discovered that it barely fit in the mailbox. Anyway, for execs who are worried they can’t possibly read through all of that, I have a simple solution: just read Techdirt.

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Comments on “Techie Business Magazines Get Too Big”

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anonymous says:

I agree

I definitely agree with you here. I used to have subscriptions to byte, pcmag, pcworld and windowsmag. But, once I upgraded to a 14.4 from my 9600, and found I could get it all online, I haven’t looked back. Occasionally I’ll pick one of these magazines up on a plane flight, and I’m amazed at how much of the mag is adverts. That’s the real reason why they are so big.

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