Art Unplugged

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A very good column from Andy Oram about live performances. He talks about all the complaints the entertainment industry has concerning distribution of material over the internet and suggests that the way entertainers should make money is through live performances. Use the internet as a distribution medium to get people interested, and the live performances are where it pays off. Definitely worth reading, whether or not you agree.

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Comments on “Art Unplugged”

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1 Comment
Surly Ed says:

Ummm... No thanks.

“See the actress sweat…. See the cheeks of the trumpeter puff out….”

See the hairy guy in front of you take off his shirt. See the girl beside you puke on your shoes. Have your ears ring for two days because the guy at the board wanted to prove how powerful his amps were.

Sorry, maybe I’m an old fart, but “going out” to most concerts has become an even more painful experience than shelling out $13.95 for a CD. I consider the CD to be better value than a concert ticket anyway. I’ve been to way too many overpriced shows with terrible seats, horrible sound, and sorry performances.

The author acts as though making a living performing live is some sort of novelty today. That may be true with some genres, but most bands still don’t get very far without playing the bars, clubs, and festivals. This notion that nobody is playing live anymore is hogwash.

Honestly, I don’t know what kind of fantasy world this guy lives in. “Social interaction?” Please… how do you have social interaction when you can’t hear what anyone is saying? Unless you count getting groped while bodysurfing “social interaction”, it just doesn’t happen.

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