Sony Playstation 2 Problems

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Apparently there have been a problems with the new PlayStation 2 which is causing some concern for Sony investors. This comes at the same time that Microsoft has made it official that they are creating a competing gaming platform.

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Comments on “Sony Playstation 2 Problems”

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Sam says:

Re: problemes with my ps2

I’m getting the same problem with mine. Of the 15 games I have only 3 load. I’m ready to send it back to sony is I have only had it for less than 2 months.

I had overheard it may have somehthing to do witht the older games and that the newer ps2 cant read them thus the “data read error” i get makes sense. I’m at my wits end about this and pretty pissed off.

Is your ps2 now working?

Liam says:

Re: Re: problemes with my ps2

My console won’t load 50% of the games I try. Mostly, it’s games with heavy cut scenes or dvd video content. Like the recently released “Enter the Matrix” for example. I managed to load the game after about twenty successive failures, then it cut out about halfway through because the video footage got too heavy. Can’t load it again now…beyond caring. F*** sony. They’re not the perfect conglomerate everyone makes them out to be. Every mini disc or dvd player I’ve ever had from sony has broken well within a year and now this?! something’s not right….

Kevin says:

Re: Re: Re: problemes with my ps2

Yeah I just enter the matrix and mine keeps freezing up. I don’t have problems loading but it freezes and it is really annoying when you’re in the middle of a game and you get cut off. Especially with all the loading time and stuff. I’m sending mine to sony to fix.

tony says:

Re: Re: Re: problemes with my ps2

Thanx folks, after reading this lot youve made my mind up NOT to buy a PS2 even with its new ?139.99 price tag,Sony cajoled ?300 outta me for a v1 PS1 (lasted 5 months,plays upside down,they never admitted THAT fault either!).X Box here we come,Joe Public pls wake up to the Sony blindfold..

Kevin Brewer says:

Re: Re: Re: problemes with my ps2

Hi. Ive had my PS2 under 1 year and i played Ratchet and Clank Going Commando for 3 hours before
leaving for work on 12-27-03. I came home from work
later that evening and now PS2 says “disc read error” every time i try to play it. So i also
tried Tony Hawk Underground and WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain, and they all said “disc read error”.
I went to bed and figured try again in the morning.
Now its not saying theres not even a game in the tray and ive tried several times. Please reply asap.
Kevin Brewer

cant say says:

Re: Re: Re:2 problemes with my ps2

ok if you have the smaller ps2 then you might push in the top right corner when starting up and holding the entire game. But put something ther i did it worked for about a month then it couldn’t do anything i prefer going to a game store and asking them im going to get an xbox360 though good luck

ck says:

Re: Re: problemes with my ps2 and it sucks

well i found to have this problem too but i found a temporary fix i do 1 time a month

i have a v1 by the way


i open up the laser box outer casing so i can see the disk tray and laser assembely ,, i clean the lens with water on a q-tip in a circular motion and then i use lubrication oil to grease the 2 silver bars the laser lens slides on.

recently i traded lubrication oil for silicon oil and it really works now

i had the problem of it giving me disk read errors on blue disk games , dvds wouldnt read ETC

now they all load again..

my therory is the old grease they out on is not good,, it slides off and then it doesnt have any lube at all ,, so it cant slide like it should making it not read the disk properly..

well try it out it worked for me

steve says:

Re: problemes with my ps2

If you are having problems I feel for you. This has happened to me quite a few times and I can solve your problem with out you paying 19.95 or something. The problem is your lasers lens. This is caused by your lens being too close or too far from the disc.It can also be caused from your lens being dirty.
Now to fixing it, first turn your PS2 over and remove the screw covers.Now take a screwdriver and remove the eight screws holding this annoying thing together. Now GENTLY flip over you system. Take off the cover and you will see the insides of the machine. Now you see where the blocked cover is… it has a sticker that says somethin about laser radiation. Remove this with a jewlers screwdriver. No you will see a bunch of wiring. You will see the lens on the black laser box. Take a q-tip and gently swab it with some rubbing alcohol. Then dry it with the other side. This cleans any dirt or dust off of it making the lens more effecient. Torwards the back of the PS2 there is a white gear, this adjusts the lenses height. Turn it 1/8 of a turn and then place the disc cover on without putting in the screws. Now hook your PS2 back up while simply holding the disc cover on. Now try a game…if it reads an error turn the gear again. Keep trying until your PS2 reads it. Try every type of disc you have. Once all read put the disc cover back on and the outside cover on and you are done. Happy Gaming!!!! I hope this helps post on this site and tell me if it works. If not I will be sure to help you you probably made a simple mistake. Good Luck!!!

Kay says:

Re: Re: problemes with my ps2

I have tried your solution, but I have run into a problem. Once I got the laser housing open and finished cleaning the lens, I tried to see if the machine would work. Then disk drive no longer ejects. The machine still will reboot and turn on, and if I turn on the switch and try opening the disk drive instead of the reboot switch, it powers up but it will not eject the disk drive. Is it something with the wires?

brian says:

problems with ps2

both my ps2 worked fine and i bought them at a pawnshop but when they get knocked over thats when you have a problem just yesterday i had my ps2 up vertically and then i reached to reset it and accidentally knocked it against the wall now no cds work and if i take the top off and try it and i can see a red light going through the cd and i dont know how to fix it and then my other ps2 got kicked over by my grandmother and couldnt read cds anymore so i took it a part and accidentally messed up the power/eject ribbon

arrg says:

i can only play ps1 games and can't play ps2 games

yeah well i just got a ps2 from ebay and it only reads ps1 games and audio cds… i tried movies and all my ps2 games and none of them work…
i don’t want to take it apart and screw it up even worse… so is there any other way of fixing this problem???

well let me know if you can think of anything….

kedar says:

Not showing full screen in some games


I am using AOC 24 inches TV and Monitor
I can see some games showing 100 percent games
but in many games i am missing 20 percent of the screen in all sides. I adjusted the resolution given in PS2 browser.
4:3,16:9, Full screen
neither of the things are working for me
help me in this i can not play 70 percent of the games because of the issue

Justin (profile) says:

ps2 reads ps2 disks but when it comes down to playing it doesnt load maps on any game/ game loads but you cant play anything.

My ps2 reads all my games, but when it comes down to loading a map to fight lets say on dbzBT2 it shows the maps when ur choosing them but they dont rotate showing you the land scape. but when it does it gets little lines freezes and goes back to being still. now when you go to start it loads and yamcha is there and you can play the little break the bricks with the power ball. then when its time to play it stays at one screen the map doesnt move all there is, is the music and nothing. This also is with all my other games they all load just cant play…..

Pam Hall says:

PS2 just sitting at the browser /configuration page:(

What is wrong with these PS2 slim consoles?My son is fit to be tied about his not working and he had been buying games left and right for this stupid little machine only to end up disappointed.I am not paying 90 something dollars for shipping a slim little piece of crap to them to fix (ha!)I’d like to know how to fix this stupid little pain in the butt machine.And just who do they think they are kidding!80-90 dollar shipping?Theres no place on the planet that it would cost 80-90 dollars shipping for a PS2 SLIM style one!SONY DISGUSTS ME!Browser/configuration is all he gets to see on the screen and all the money he has handed out to Sony for Games!Grrrrrrrrrrrrr! signed, Pissed off Mama!

Anonymous Coward says:

Just to let people know, if your PS2 slimline stops reading disks but you hear a whirring noise like it’s trying to play the disc, yet when you look inside you don’t see the disc turning immediately after lifting the lid and the disc is in the same position, most likely you have broken that small 1/8 inch tab off the cover that goes down into the hole in the upper right corner (near hinge). That pin is what holds the brake pad off the disc (Yes, there’s a mini brake on the console). It pops out and slows down the freewheeling disk when you open the trap door. You can see the plastic foot of the brake in the round recess where the disc sits in it, near the edge by the hole. You can whittle down the pointed pocket clip of a BIC pen lid and jab it into that hole to fix the problem. The broken pin isn’t long enough to stay in the hole after it breaks off, so you have to put something else in that hole and the easiest is the clip from a BIC pen top. The discs slow down slower, but this fix works fine.

Noel says:

Properly hooking up a ps2 to dvd player & tv

I am having trouble getting my ps2 connected properly to my dvd player and tv. I have followed phone instructions from my son and looked online. I have an old tv, but everything seems to hook up okay. However, when I go to play either the ps2 or the dvd player, they will not play. Everything is on and the Av light on the tv is on. It does not go to a blue screen though and stays brown. My son advised me to switch the channels of the av. I cannot find a way to do that and it is always on channel one. Does any one know a way to change the av channel? Or is there something else, that I may be doing wrong?

thanks for any help!


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