It is Still Difficult to Purchase Online

from the failures-galore dept

According to the latest study from Boston Consulting Group, approximately 28% of all online transactions fail. Understandably, this upsets many customers. Of course, while this is bad in the short run, I highly doubt it will have any long term effects on consumer behavior.

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Comments on “It is Still Difficult to Purchase Online”

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1 Comment
Mr.White (user link) says:

1st post? WAaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooo

Ight…..finally, first post.

Let me rant/rave.

Only and I mean …even if your life depends on it, shop from a true .com. NEVER a .[country]. They are evil. As for .coms…look at their page, is someone ELSE hosting them? are they using Look at other responses from ppl that ordered. I only use netflix, amazon, my fav is outpost, and b&n. Few others, but they provide me w/ service……not goods. Call them, if you are on hold……and you talk to bob……and call back and get bob….then BOB will rape you and your children.

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