The Wireless promise

from the it'll-be-much-better dept

It seems that red herring (mentioned in the article below) is very skeptical of the wireless internet and to be honest I would be too if wireless technology were to stay static but it’s obviously not going to. It seems that wireless download speeds may even beat landline connection speeds (by a large margin) taking away the pain of a slow surf. The Guardian (a leading UK paper) shares some of the hot new advances that may change the way that some, red herring included view the wireless leap, its already got me clutching my Nokia!

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Comments on “The Wireless promise”

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1 Comment
Ed says:

Technical Nitpick

“The player features a Secure Digital (SD) card which can store up to 64MB of music, or more than an hour of CD-quality sounds.”

“CD-Quality” means 44.1KHz, 16-bit samples x2 (for stereo). It’s about 10 Meg of data per minute. I’m really impressed with that 10:1 compression!

I assume that they’re talking about MP3 or a similar compressed format. MP3 is not really CD-quality. It is a lossy compression that basically drops elements in the audio which our subjective ears really don’t miss. With good encoder/decoders, the final result is hard (impossible?) to distinguish from a CD playing the same thing.

Of course, the ears are your final audience, so it probably doesn’t matter to anyone other than pedantic twits like me. Never mind.

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