Scary Databases

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Here’s a book review of Simpson Garfinkel’s latest book Database Nation which discusses some of the scarier things that happen due to all of the data collected on people today. The review suggests that overall the book is worthwhile, but goes a bit overboard at times.

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Comments on “Scary Databases”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

That is just like Simon Grafinkel

He has been working with UNIX for years….he knows that a box can be starved for resources if one launches a buch of processes.

YET he tried to make a big deal of it back 2.5 years ago.

Simon is into screaming FIRE when there is only a danger of fire.

(In the UNIX case, I suggested he should write some code and show us how to prevent the resource problem. To date, I’ve not seen such code)

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